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Tuesday January 17th, 2017

It’s not easy being a single mom, but that hasn’t stopped Kathleen Loza, a 43 year old Toronto native, from achieving her childhood dream of becoming a drug lord. “I’m proof that a woman can raise a kid on her own and operate a multi million dollar meth operation,” says Kathleen. “Society tends to give single mother’s a hard time, but with grit and persistence, it’s possible to rise above the nay sayers and accomplish incredible things.”

Kathleen says she knew she had to buckle down and get after getting knocked up at a Psytrance orgy. “Getting an abortion was out of the question,” says Kathleen. “I was going to raise my baby no matter what, but I didn’t want motherhood to get in the way of my dream of building a criminal empire that stretched across the Americas.”

Balancing parenthood with building a drug empire wasn't always easy. “By the time my son was six years old, I knew that I wouldn’t reach the heights of success I was aiming for unless I brought him into the family business,” says Kathleen. “I began grooming him to become my left hand man. I taught him how to cook crystal meth, how to smuggle it, how to build a supply chain, how to market narcotics to low income neighbourhoods. Bringing my baby boy into the fold turned out to be a life changing decision. It brought us closer together while also causing my profits to explode.”

It wasn’t long before her son, Chad, had recruited dozens of his school friends into his mother’s drug empire. “We had his entire elementary school hooked on meth,” says Kathleen. “It was beautiful, and it only got better from there on out. By the time he was a teenager, we had a sprawling network built up that covered the entire eastern seaboard.”

Within a few short years, the Mother Son drug dealing duo had successfully conquered vast swaths of territory from Halifax to Winnipeg. “It was a bit tough getting a foothold west of the Rockies, but that didn’t stop me and my boy from making it happen. We just rolled up our sleeves and started knocking on doors, making sure everyone knew that Loza’s Meth was the best of the best.”

Today, the proud mother says she couldn’t be happier with her life. “I’ve shown the world that a single mother can build a successful business while also raising a happy, healthy son. It’s not an either/or choice -- you can have both if you try hard enough.”
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