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Tuesday May 24th, 2016

Todd Wilkinson, a controversial Vancouver promoter, was kicked out of his own party on Saturday after picking a fight with several DJs. Security staff at the event, who he had hired, staged a coup d’état after witnessing his aggressive behaviour towards the talent. “Dude was a total asshole,” says bouncer Barry Williams. “He punched one DJ, threw a water bottle at another one’s head, and pushed one guy off the stage. He was out of control. He’s lucky we didn’t crack his head open.”

The four bouncers who staged the mutiny said they were happy to intervene. “We’ve never done anything like that before,” says lead security guard Bryce Thompson. “We like getting paid. But there’s certain lines you don’t cross, and the moment he started attacking the people he had hired to play at his party, that was too much for us. Just because you hired us doesn’t mean we’re going to tolerate your bullshit. Treat people with respect, or we’ll treat you to a beating.”

The DJs at the events were thankful for the security guards stepping up and protecting them. “I’m worried he might have killed one of us,” says DJ Whaled Badd, who narrowly missed being hit over the head with a beer bottle by Todd. “He was out of his mind. I think he had taken too much cocaine or something. He was a lunatic. That was the first party I ever went too where the promoter was kicked out of his own event. I doubt he’ll ever get another DJ to play at one his parties.”
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