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Wednesday January 20th, 2016

Henry Sharks, the millionaire owner of the famous lingerie firm Lartencia, denies allegations that he used his political influence to expel a man from the country. “The accusations are meritless and a smear on my good name,” says Henry. “What happened is very simple. My son was viciously attacked by an immigrant at a rave, he called the police, and the wheels of justice determined that his crime rendered him unfit for Canadian citizenship.”

Witnesses of the altercation between Lui Rael, the alleged attacker, and Henry’s son Donovan Sharks, claim otherwise. “Donovan started the fight after Lui bumped into him on his way to the washroom,” says 23 year old party kid Vanessa Bouteille. “Lui apologized, but that wasn’t enough for Donovan, who decided to sucker punch him. Donovan then pushed Lui to the ground and kicked him repeatedly. When the police arrived to break up the fight, they ended up arresting Lui instead of Donovan. It’s awful.”

Vanessa believes the police knew that Donovan was the son of a very rich man, and decided to go easy on him. Civil rights activists Derrick Bronson agrees. “Henry did everything in his power to frame Lui for attacking his son, even though all the evidence and witnesses say it was the other way around,” says Derrick. “We like to think that justice is blind in Canada, but it isn’t. Our legal system protects the rich and the powerful while punishing the vulnerable and at risk. When you have a bottomless bank account, you can get a man your son attacked at a club kicked out of the country.”
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