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Monday April 25th, 2016

Montreal’s vibrant lunch rave scene is facing a new and exciting challenger: the lunch time opium den. “I love lunch raves, but I love taking opium even more,” says Donald Schtroumph, the organizer of the city’s first Opium Den Lunch Break Party. “That’s why I decided to organize the city’s first lunch break opium den. We’re only open between 10am to 2pm, and during that time, we’ll offer you the best opium experience you’ve ever had. Why dance your ass off to EDM when you can chase the dragon at an old school, 19th century inspired opium den?”

Donald says that his month of operations have gone far better than he ever expected. “Business men and women from across Montreal are flocking to our lunch time opium den to see what it’s all about,” says Donald. “It’s gotten to the point where I’m going to have to open up multiple locations soon.”

Lunch time rave promoter Alice Fargo says she might not be able to compete with opium dens. “Attendance at our events have been halved since Donald opened up his opium dens,” says Alice. “I guess people would rather get high on drugs than high on techno music. It’s sad.”
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