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Friday September 18th, 2015

Organizers of the former Montreal Anarchist Bookfair are celebrating their new identity after they renamed themselves The Bourgeois Feminist Bookfair. “We realized that we’re not an anarchist collective after all,” says activist and bourgeois neo-liberal feminist Lucy Descharnes. “We don’t care about anarchism, we don’t care about the working class, and we don’t care about economic issues. Our main interest is in protecting the privileges of wealthy university graduates, so we decided to change the name of our organization to better reflect our actual values. We’re bourgeois, we're educated, we're affluent, and we're proud of it."

Anarchists across Montreal say that they’re not surprised by the name change. “I can’t remember the last time the anarchist bookfair actually catered to genuine anarchists,” says working class activist Jesse Hogan. “It’s been a giant bourgeois shit show for the last decade. Last year took the cake, though, after they gave white and affluent academic feminists the power to ban men from attending the event. Seriously, if a wealthy educated feminist didn’t like you, you couldn’t attend. All she had to say was that you made her feel uncomfortable. The organizers justified their actions because they believe that working class men have more power and privilege than bourgeois feminists. I’m not comfortable with bourgeois feminists being anywhere near me, but the bookfair doesn’t care about creating a safe space for the working class. Safe spaces only exist to protect the bourgeoisie from the rabble."

Lucy agrees. “At the end of the day, a wealthy white woman with a Ph.D from Concordia is far more oppressed than a working class man who was born into poverty,” says Lucy. “At the Bourgeois Feminist Bookfair, we believe in intersectional feminism, which is the religious conviction that oppressions intersect in a way that minimizes and erases class privilege. For example, if you’re a poor homeless man, your penis gives you way more privilege than Martha Stewart or Michelle Obama. A homeless man’s male privilege intersects with his poverty, erasing it’s very existence from the face of the earth. Bourgeois feminists recognize that class is irrelevant — it’s the least important factor in oppression. We also believe in the one drop rule: if you have a single drop of non-economic privilege, that privilege erases the economic factors in your life. You’re white? Your class doesn’t matter. You're a man? Your class doesn’t matter. You’re straight? Your class doesn’t matter. The fact that class privilege doesn’t matter to bourgeois feminists is why its possible for us to ban men unilaterally from our events. It’s not all that different from when men in the past were lynched based only on the word of an affluent white woman. I think I speak for everyone that matters when I say that poor men shouldn’t be allowed to challenge rich women. That’s just good common sense.”

Jesse is happy that the bourgeois feminists behind the anarchist bookfair are finally showing their true colours. “I’m ecstatic that they’re admitting that intersectional feminism isn’t about raising people up, but about pushing the working class down,” says Jesse. “Intersectional feminism is a product of our Universities. It wasn’t born in the ghetto. It wasn’t created by working class activists. It’s bourgeois from top to bottom. When someone says they’re an intersectional feminists, what they’re really saying is that they’re enemies of the working class. Feminism is the child of the academy, and it carries with it all the sins of its powerful father. It’s the fruits of a poisoned tree. You can’t fix society with bourgeois solutions. It’s annoying that the people who go on and on about institutional privilege never actually own up to the institutional privilege that their time in University has granted them. Their ideas are not scientific. They’re not the product of falsifiable experiments. They’re the product of bourgeois intellectuals masturbating all over themselves and then using the institutional power of the academy to force the rest of society to treat their mental ejaculate as if it’s divine revelation. Bourgeois feminists have no idea how much anger they’re inspiring among working class people. If they don’t back off, and soon, they’re in for a rude awakening."

Other working class anarchists agree. “Many of us are done dealing with bourgeois feminists,” says Mary Woodhall. “We’re done letting spoiled brats speak down to us. The vast majority of feminists have never done any manual labour in their entire lives, but after they spend a few years fellating the egos of some quack sociologists and pompous philosophers, they think they’ve earned the right to control working class people, to shape their behaviours, to tell them how to live their lives. This isn’t an old problem either, Mikhail Bakunin, one of the founding fathers of Anarchism, explicitly warned anarchists against the perils of academics all the way back in the 1860s. He said that a government of scholars was the most oppressive, offensive, and contemptuous kind in the world. Those were his words. And now today’s anarchists are telling us that we need to mindlessly accept whatever bullshit liberal art graduates defecate all over us? Bakunin explicitly complained about Marx forcing workers to compromise with the radical bourgeoisie. A lot of us anarchists are done compromising with academics. It’s over. They had their chance, and they used it to tell us that working class men are somehow the oppressors of bourgeois feminists. No, I’m sorry, we’re not putting up with that anymore. Feminists are the enemies of the working class. Period. They’ve got a silver tongue and use their rhetoric to convince us they’re our allies, but they are not. They never have been and they never will be."

Lucy says she’s happy that working class anarchists won’t collaborate with the Bourgeois Feminist Bookfair. “Today, 95% of anarchists are bourgeois radicals,” says Lucy. "The working class has been successfully purged from the activist milieux. We are fully in control of radical movements in the west. Working class anarchism is dead. We don’t want the paltry remains of the working class to take part in our events as our equals. The working class are not our equals, they’re our inferiors and must show us the deference that we deserve. When they attend the Bourgeois Feminist Bookfair, they need to grovel before the altar of intersectionality and declare themselves unworthy of its blessings. If they can’t do that, we don’t want to deal with them. Intersectionality akbar!"

Jesse says that bourgeois feminists will live to regret their assault on the working class. “A lot of normal people are starting to wake up to the perils of bourgeois feminism,” says Jesse. “The working class will rise up again, and when we do, we will tear down the Universities and chase out the parasites that call them home. Academics have no place in our revolution. When we take to the streets, it won’t be feminists with university degrees that lead us. We’re going to take anarchism back from them. There’s a growing consensus among working class anarchists: you can’t be an anarchist and a feminist. Feminism was created by the bourgeoisie for the bourgeoisie. In the 1970s, black women created womanism in response to how feminism didn’t address class or race issues. Nothing has changed since then. Feminists are still the enemies of the working class. Feminists are still the enemies of racial minorities. We’ll work with womanists who recognize the failures of intersectional theory, but we will never work with feminists."
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