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Tuesday November 10th, 2015

The Liberal Party of Canada says it will replace the national anthem with a track by Deadmau5 within the next three years. “Canada is a hip and progressive country,” says George Watson, the Minister of EDM, “and that’s why we need to modernize the country by embracing modern music. Forget the dreariness of the old anthem. We need to replace it with something new, something young, something that the kids will like. Canada belongs to the youth, and it’s time we recognize that fact.”

Deadmau5 has been tapped to craft a new anthem for the Country, though Mr. Watson says that work on the song will only begin once consultations with the public are conducted across the country. “Look, the old anthem was forced on to the public from the top down. The new anthem will be a collaborative effort that will draw on the experiences and tastes of Canadians across the country. It will represent Canada from west to east, from south to north, from the country side to the urban core. Music is an integral part of the human experience, so it’s important for us to create a new anthem that captures Canada in all it’s modern complexities.”

Mr. Watson also says that this song will seek to incorporate the multicultural nature of Canadian society without appropriating the disparate identities of Canadian minorities. “Canada is a glorious country of immigrants, and it’s important for us to embrace those differences without dispossessing people of their cultural heritage. It’s a tricky balance that we need to walk, which is why we’re asking Tumblr users and liberal art graduates to take a leading role in managing the creation of a truly post-colonial, multicultural Canadian anthem. I’m sure that they possess the emotional intelligence and maturity necessary to create a song that represents all Canadians -- and that song will ultimately be given shape and form by Canada’s very own Deadmau5.“
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