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Wednesday May 27th, 2015

Montreal DJ Kalisi Drokko was arrested over the weekend for playing 'Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting' at Les Tetons Atomique dance club. “In 2011, a British performer at a pub on the Isle of Wight was arrested for playing the song after a Chinese passer-by took offence,” says Les Tetons Atomique owner Vanessa Vanasse. “That’s not why DJ Kalisi Drokko was arrested. No, she was arrested because the song just isn’t that good. She shouldn’t have played it. She made a bad call and now she has to pay for her crime."

Under Quebec’s recently passed Aural Menace Act, DJs can be arrested for playing awful music. “Quebec is one of the first jurisdictions in the world to take aural hygiene seriously,” says Action Socratique M.P Bell Goodland. “The science is conclusive, the sounds we hear in our day to day lives play an immensely important role in regulating our well being. Good music leads to well behaved citizens who are at one with their society, bad music leads to social degeneracy, murder, and soft core pornography. We need to protect ourselves from the consequences of awful songs."

DJ Kalisi Drokko is the first person to be arrested under the act, but won't be the last. "Years ago, such a law would have been considered illiberal, even fascist, but these days laws that limit artistic freedom are championed by people on both the left and right," says professional twitter user Kyle Bonderblach. "Now we understand that artistic freedom is bad for society. We need to place real limits on what people are allowed to say, think, create, and consume. If we don’t set firm boundaries on culture, society will collapse under the chaos and cacophony of free expression. When people are free, they're free to be racist, they're free to be sexist, they're free to be unpleasant, they're free to hurt our feelings, they're free to menace our ears with unpleasant sounds. I like freedom, but not that kind of freedom. This is an issue that both progressives and conservatives now agree on. It's time to limit culture. Quebec's Aural Menace Act is a step in the right direction."
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