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Thursday March 26th, 2015

Something stinks in Montreal, and party goers can’t get enough of the smell. Thanks to cutting edge — or is that cheese — research from the University of Devon, fart parties are now a thing. They exist and they’re ridiculously popular.

It all started when Devon researchers noticed the health properties of hydrogen sulphide, the key ingredient to smelly gas. “Hydrogen sulphide is the new corral calcium, it’s the next big thing on the health market,” says lead researcher Dr. Granpu Pett.

“The question isn’t what can it help with, it’s what can’t it help with! It rejuvenates the skin, it helps you sleep, it revitalizes mitochondria and even reverses cellular aging. And yes, the best way to benefit from the healing properties of hydrogen sulphide are by inhaling it’s fumes, so flatulence therapy is medically sound."

Not only is it medically sound, it’s also highly profitable. “We’ve been going gang buster business since we started organizing our first fart parties,” says club owner Leo Goudreau. “People thing the entire event is hilarious, and the light hearted if smelly atmosphere really brings people together. It turns out that the easiest way to break the ice with someone is by breaking wind. Who would have guessed?"

Jason Minks, a hardcore fart party fan, says the experience is out of this world. “Fart parties are basically raves with all you can eat gas inducing buffets. You’ve got lentils, beans, dairy, corn, all sorts of farty foods. The brilliant thing about fart parties is that even if you don’t want to shake your ass on the dance floor, it’s going to happen anyways. Even if your brain doesn’t want to move, your stomach will."

Not everyone is convinced that fart parties are medically sound. “I’m not convinced that being in a room full of people farting in your face is going to improve your health,” says Dr. Leonard Smidtt. “But, y’know, as far as weird medical fads go, it seems fairly harmless."
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