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Friday July 17th, 2015

The world famous Traveling Polyamorous Twin Orgy, or TPTO, is coming to Montreal, an event so exclusive that only identical twins are allowed to attend. “Growing up, my brother and I both knew that we were destined to create something majestic,” says TPTO co-founder Bruce Ludwig. “And that something was a giantworld traveling orgy that was exclusively geared towards twins. Sure, there’s a bit of twincest involved, but really, we just wanted to experience the tripped out aesthetic of being in a room full of naked twins having sex. There are a lot of fun stuff you can only do with an exact body double.”

Don Ludwig, Bruce’s twin, agrees. “Man, last year we all took LSD and had our twin orgy in a house of mirrors,” says Don. “It was insane. This year, at the Montreal orgy, we’re going to be using video cameras, television sets, and projection screens for a different kind of balls-to-wall experience. Our orgies are the stuff of legends because for us, it’s not just about twins having sex, it’s about creating the illusion that an army of look-alikes are engaged in mass sexual intercourse. We’re the David Copperfield’s of the orgy scene. We put the magic in travelling polyamorous twin orgies."

Twins don’t have to related in order to take part in the fun. “Natural doubles are accepted,” says Don. “If you find someone who looks exactly like you over the internet, you’re both free to join us for a night of sexual debauchery."

Some people are so intent on attending the orgy that they’re willing to get cosmetic surgery. “We’ve had several people who went under the knife, changed their faces so they looked exactly alike, all for the privilege and having sex the Twin Orgy way. They said it was worth it. And they were right."

The Traveling Polyamorous Twin Orgy will be taking place July 26th at the Montreal Exhibitionist Salon. Tickets cost $45, only twins and look-alikes can attend.
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