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Monday July 6th, 2015

The Montreal Police are asking ravers not to transform crime scenes into party scenes after a rave erupted Friday night at the location of a triple homicide. “Dozens of teenagers showed up with a sound system, strobe lights, and beer kegs,” says Sgt. Annie Glum of the Montreal police. “They had heard about the murders by using an iOS police radio application, and decided it’d be a great place to have a dance."

Ravers across America have started turning crime scenes into raves with alarming frequency. Known colloquially as Crime Parties, ravers will locate the scene of a recent murder, wait until the police are gone and the bodies are out, then call their friends over and dance the night away.

“We found out about the Friday incident by sheer luck,” says Sgt. Glum. “I had forgotten my wallet at the scene of the crime and went to pick it up, which is when I found the ravers dancing on what had been, hours earlier, a bloody site of death and misery."

No one knows why ravers love dancing at crime scenes. “I don’t understand it. No one at our precinct understands it. It’s a new trend. Teenagers are really weird,” says Sgt. Glum. “I hope this doesn’t go mainstream. It’s hard enough catching criminals as it is, and now we have to worry about ravers on MDMA dancing around our crime scenes."
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