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Monday August 17th, 2015

Teenagers are going crazy for dungeon furry parties, events where guests dress up as furry critters before being locked inside cages. “It’s BDSM for people under 20,” says Dungeon Furry promoter Ickle Smith. “We make kink adorable. We make it cuddly. When we violate each other, we do it My Little Pony style."

Teenagers say they can’t get enough of the dungeon furry events. “I love being dressed as a dragon and then abused by a Dominant boy in a chipmunk outfit,” says 18 year old Rinata Chretien. “Have you ever had a chipmunk put a ballgag in your mouth before spanking you with a giant paddle? I have and it felt like heaven."

Not everyone is thrilled by the idea of teenagers engaging in light BDSM while dressed up as unicorns and sea otters, but nearly everyone agrees that it’s not a big deal. “My son like’s to be whipped while dressed like an armadillo,” says local man Marcus Brand. “I’m okay with that. I’m a modern father, living in modern times. If my son wants to have a dragon masturbate all over his face while he makes squealing noises, more power to him. I think he should post videos of it online, on instagram and on twitter. He should even include links to his furry porn on his resumé. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s something we should celebrate. Hell, it’s something we should shove in everyone’s faces until they’re sick and tired of hearing about all the weird ass shit we’re into."

Rinata agrees. “Sex is no longer about having fun, now it’s all about social prestige. The weirder your sexual activities, the cooler you are. I once shoved a live cat up my anus while someone slapped my breasts with a ping pong paddle. Was that sexy? Not at all. Was it enjoyable? Absolutely not. But did it make me look cool in front of all my friends? You bet it did."

Rinata says that dungeon furry parties are a way for kids her age to fully enjoy the pleasures of peer pressure. “The more outrageous and ridiculous our sexual adventures, the better. Dungeon Furry Parties for Life."
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