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Monday April 13th, 2015

Dozens of teenagers suffered serious injuries Saturday night after an explosion ripped through an abandoned industrial loft that had been recently used to cook crystal meth. “The teenagers unwittingly organized an illegal party inside a location that can best be described as a meth lab,” says Sgt. Batista of the SPVM. “According to our forensic scientists, the lab was still equipped with all the necessary gear and material to create the drug. We have yet to determine the exact reason for the explosion, but we assume it had something to do with the incredibly chemicals that were present at the loft."

Police say that they so far no reason to believe that the teenagers were the ones who initially set up the meth lab. “Details that we’re not ready to divulge to the public suggests that a third party was behind the meth lab. The teenagers are guilty of several things, like trespassing and being incredibly irresponsible, but we do not believe that they’re guilty of manufacturing crystal meth."

Tristina Baker, a 19 year old survivor of the explosion, claims that no one at the party knew that the location was a meth lab. “We just thought it was a funky industrial warehouse,” says Tristina. “We didn’t realize all that equipment was something out of a Breaking Bad episode."

Montreal councilman Marcelo Maladroite says that the explosion highlights the dangers that illegal raves pose to the public. “There’s a reason that people need permits to organize large raves,” says Marcelo. “Preventing deadly explosions is one of those reasons. How many people have to die in a fiery ball of fire before ravers realize that laws exist for a reason?"

Tristina claims that while raving can be dangerous, nothing will stop people from partying. “Dying in an explosion is just a risk you take when you decide to rave,” says Tristina. “If partying was safe, it’d be boring. I’m sad that some people almost died in the blast, but I’m happy I got some really good instagram photos out of the experience."
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