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Tuesday September 2nd, 2014

A survey to be published by the Polling United Union Company is sure to shock the EDM community. “We asked respondents about their criminal background and their answers were startling,” says pollster Esther Rabbit. “The vast majority of people who listen to EDM have been arrested at least once in their life for a violent crime.”

The pollster reveals that the link between EDM and violence isn’t entirely shocking. “We know, based on recent scientific studies, that electronic dance music harms the brain’s amygdala, causing it to become overactive,” says Esther. "The amygdala helps regulate the bodies emotional reactions to stress, and is sometimes colloquially called the brain’s anger management centre. Now, the science still isn’t clearly understood, but our survey at least helps buttress what researchers have found. People who listen to EDM have temper control issues.”

According to the survey, 85% of EDM fans have been arrested for punching a stranger in the face. “Punching strangers in the face is by far the most common violent crime committed by EDM fans,” says Esther. “It’s strange, but the vast majority of EDM related violence involves strangers, which is very different than most violence profiles. Only a handful of EDM listeners have ever been arrested for assaulting someone they know.”

Criminologist Berkeley Klimt is intrigued by the unusual findings “Most violent acts happen between people who know each other,” says Berkeley. “You’re much more likely to be raped or murdered by a friend or family member than you are by a complete stranger. The fact that EDM music inspires violence against strangers is fascinating. It’s also horrifying, but I believe that researching the link between EDM music and stranger violence will help us devise social interventions and political policies that might one day put an end to certain kinds of violence.”
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