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Wednesday May 21st, 2014

Being hit on by unwanted creeps at clubs will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a Montreal inventor’s almost magical creation. “I’ve developed a sophisticated system that can analyze social interactions,” says Nathan Mignon, “I call it ZoneDefense. The system uses a series of cameras to capture three dimensional information about the way people relate to each other in real time. ZoneDefense records things like pupil dilation, facial muscle movement, breathing rhythm, and a variety of other cues, which it then studies to determine if people are getting along or not. It’s a hyper intelligent software package, and right now, even though the product is still in alpha, our test runs have been highly successful.”

John Lambert, the owner of Club Domme, one of Montreal’s most popular venues, has been very impressed with ZoneDefense. “We’ve had it set up at our club for the last two weeks, and it’s incredible how much those cameras can tell about people,” says John. “Right now, the system informs our bouncers about potential problems before they even happen by alerting them via Google Glass. It’s only been fourteen days, but ZoneDefense has already helped us stop at least two major incidents.”

Nathan says that future iterations of ZoneDefense will make clubbing a much safer experience. “I created this software because of all the horror stories my female friends have told me about men who don’t understand boundaries,” says Nathan. “A lot of men engage in criminal behaviour at clubs. They do things there that would get them arrested if they did them at a supermarket. It’s not like personal boundaries and criminal law go out the window just because you’ve had a couple of drinks and there’s a DJ playing shitty music in the background. Since men refuse to control their own behaviour, I decided to create a system that can control it for them. ZoneDefense can link up to several hundred remote controlled electronic bracelets. Imagine going to a club where everyone is equipped with a shocker bracelet, and if a man aggressively hits on a woman despite being given clear indication to go away, he’s immediately electrocuted. Thanks to ZoneDefense, that’s possible now.”

Nathan says he’s been fielding calls from law makers across the world. “I expect to see ZoneDefense, or a technology like it, become a mandatory fixture of nightlife around the world,” says Nathan. “Soon, clubs will be legally obligated to install ZoneDefense the same way they have to install fire alarms.”
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