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Tuesday May 13th, 2014

Ravers Going Their Own Way is the latest social movement you've never heard about. “Thousands of ravers across North America are organizing secessionist groups,” says terrorist expert Joyce Manley. “These ravers have drawn inspiration from the men’s rights movement, whose adherents believe that caucasian males are the most oppressed minority the world has ever seen, victims of a ruthless feminist cabal hellbent on killing all white men. Men’s rights activist argue that the only way for white men to survive is by divorcing themselves from the rest of society. They want to go their own way, and hope to create a world that is explicitly dominated by straight white men, idea which appeals to a lot of ravers."

Seth Gooding is the leader of Party Brigade, a white male secessionist raver organization. “We're fed up with being targeted by the rest of society,” says Seth. “We just want to create a world where it’s safe to be a straight white male. As heterosexual caucasian males, we feel oppressed whenever we go to a party. We don't think it’s possible for white straight men to rave in peace anymore. We're fed up with having our rights trampled by feminists and people of colour. We're not going to take it lying down anymore. If the government won't protect us, we'll protect ourselves."

Forceful rhetoric like that has won the Party Brigade countless fans and enemies. “The fact that the raver secessionist movement was born out of the men’s rights movement says a lot,” says Mike Gardio, a retired lawyer who now volunteers with countless civil right groups. “The men’s rights movement has deep ties to far-right organizations across the world, and many of its political ideas are identical to positions advocated by European white supremacist political parties. Unfortunately, a lot of young men in North America have bought into the men’s rights movements, so it’s not surprising that some young male ravers are also becoming radicalized.”

Seth Gooding says he’s not a bigot. “ I might be a men’s rights activist, but I'm also a raver’s rights activist. Both causes are one and the same. Feminists oppress men and ravers alike, and ravers must secede from society if they ever hope to live free and independent lives.”

Joyce Manley warns against increasing radicalization among ravers. “I think you're going to see a lot of white power raves in the years ahead,” says Joyce. “Now that racist male chauvinists have infiltrated the rave scene, nazistep, which mixes dubstep with racist & misogynistic lyrics, will probably become the most popular genre of EDM.”
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