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Wednesday June 25th, 2014

Marcel Rubican, a Montreal drug dealer who has been arrested on multiple occasions for acts of senseless violence, was back behind bars after bludgeoning fifteen school children to death with a potted marijuana plant over the weekend.

“This tragedy could easily have been avoided if only the Canadian justice system wasn’t so lenient in the way that it deals with convicted criminals,” says Montreal lawyer Percy Smith, who founded the Victims Against Violence foundation after witnessing first hand how often criminals are coddled by the government. “Today, dozens of Montreal parents are struggling with the unconscionable and brutal loss of their children, all because our government released a violent offender from prison without care or concern for whether or not he had truly been rehabilitated. Marcel Rubican has a criminal record that’s four miles long, and yet he always finds himself back on the streets no matter how bloody or violent his crimes are”

Witnesses allege that Mr. Rubican stopped his car after one of his victims yelled at him for running through a stop sign in front of a school playground. “That nutcase jumped out of his car, took off his pants and underwear, and started urinating towards the children while screaming at them,” says Louis Druega, who was the first person to call the police after seeing Mr. Rubican’s rampage. “At this point, a huge crowd started to gather to look at him, which aggravated him. That’s when he ran to the back of his car, pulled a potted marijuana plant from his trunk, and started smashing it into the heads of all the children he could reach. It was a blood bath."

Mr. Rubican isn’t the first person to weaponize marijuana plants. “Marijuana is a very dangerous drug,” says Mason Perrot, an anti-drug crusader. “This latest incident of brutality is just more proof that pot kills. The idea that we should legalize marijuana will result in more bloody rampages. How many children have to die before we understand that marijuana is lethal?"
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