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Friday July 18th, 2014

Local rave promoter Jake Freemantle is in hiding after receiving several death threats for trying to organize the world’s first “Suicide Rave”. Flyers for the event took the internet by storm last week, with people questioning their veracity. “I couldn't believe someone would actually organize a rave that promoted suicide,” says 24 year old raver Emma Clyde. “I got in touch with Jake to ask him if he was joking, and when he said he wasn't, I got really mad -- and then I got really busy. I started organizing petitions and boycotts to shut the event down.”

Countless people around the world soon voiced their indignation against the event, and Emma’s petition quickly hit two hundred thousand signatures. “It took on a life of it’s own. People started organizing Stay Alive raves, volunteering with suicide hotlines, and helping to raise suicide awareness. Life isn't something you should throw away. It still infuriates me that Jake thought a suicide rave would be a fun idea. I don't think he deserves the death threats he’s been receiving, but he definitely needs a swift kick to the ass. I'm glad people aren't letting him get away with his party though. There are Stay Alive raves planned in over fifteen cities at the moment, and the numbers keep going up. I think we might be witnessing the beginning of a new movement."

Several Montreal promoters, meanwhile, have united to throw their own Stay Alive rave as a response to Jake’s efforts. “The night of Jake’s suicide rave, we're going to be throwing our own party,” says psytrance promoter Rufus Duddlefeathers. “We don't want Jake to win. Life is worth living. Yes, it can be hard sometimes. People aren't always nice. Some of them are downright rotten. But that’s all the more reason to keep on going. If you check out, you’re letting the assholes win. You'll notice that Jake isn't killing himself at his suicide rave, he’s just encouraging other people to do the deed. Don’t let bastards like him out-live you.”
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