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Tuesday July 8th, 2014

The happy hardcore DJ Terry Hugo is recovering in the hospital after doctors were forced to amputate his hand. The 35 year old DJ injured himself after punching a computer monitor during his latest show.

“When I punched the monitor I shattered all the bones in my hand,” says Terry “Pieces of metal and monitor scraps were placed throughout my wrist in such a way that doctors couldn’t save my hand while saving my life. They had to make a tough decision, and I’m going to have to live with it.”

Terry has long been known for his uncontrollable fits of anger. “He’s got a problem,” says long time fan Pauline Lacroix. “I’ve been going to his shows for over fifteen years, and he punches something at least once during each show. Usually twice.”

Terry has a long history of violently attacking things at his shows. “I’ve seen him punch speakers, equalizers, turn tables, regular tables, promoters, women, men, children, car windows, smoke machines, strobe lights,” says Pauline. "You name it, Terry has punched it in a fit of rage.”

Most promoters found Terry’s anger hilarious. “We never thought it was a big problem,” says event organizer Michael Mowang. “Because he’s not a big guy, and he’s never really damaged any of the things he punched.

Michael believes that he and other promoters are guilty of having enabled Terry’s rage. “We always knew he had a problem, and we should have made it clear we thought he needed to get help. Maybe if we had spoken out against his frequent bouts of violence, he’d still have two hands.”
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