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Friday August 15th, 2014

Prison warden Alex LeBlanc of the Lanaudière Des Calaix Correctional institute is in hot water after letting inmates throw a rave. “I didn't think it would hurt anyone if the prisoners had a chance to enjoy themselves for a change,” says Alex. “The inmates had been on their best behaviour for over two months, with nary a violent incident reported during that time. The rave was a way of rewarding their good behaviour.”

Alex LeBlanc’s lan was never vetted with any of his superiors. “Prisoners shouldn't be allowed to rave,” says conservative M.P Chad Buttersmith. “Prison is a punishment, and while some might say that techno music is also a form of punishment, that’s beside the point. When you break the law, you shouldn't be rewarded with a dance party. The fact that Mr. LeBlanc allowed these prisoners the opportunity to organize and throw a rave is an absolute disgrace. The Canadian people deserve better than this. They need to know that criminals are paying for their crimes, not dancing to Skrillex.”

Alex is currently suspended from work pending an investigation. “Eh, if I lose my job over this, I don't care,” says Alex. “I don't think making prisoners suffer unduly is going to fix anything. If you don't reward good behaviour, don't be surprised if bad behaviour continues. I told these guys they'd be allowed to throw a rave if they didn't shiv anyone for two months. They kept their promise, I kept mine.”
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