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Monday November 25th, 2013

Seven ravers have been reported dead or in critical condition in the Okanagan Valley after a weekend of camping festivities ended in a suspiciously coincidental bout of drug related deaths and accidents. Of seven individuals, five are deceased. The other two are in critical condition after falling nearly 50 feet.

According to authorities, the seven individuals were all reported to have consumed a very potent batch of DMT which led several users to losing control and accidentally endangering themselves due to the extremely powerful hallucinogenic effects of the drug.

The ravers were all attending a three day electronic music festival held on private camping grounds. The two in critical condition were reported to have arrived at night, in time to join in with a group of five others who were preparing to experiment with the powerful psychoactive DMT.

"All I remember from that night is that they all went off, deep into the woods saying they were going to find the answer," says Michel Goudit, one of several hundred ravers who attended the event. "Eventually a couple of them came back saying how beautiful the evening was and how they were going to go off to the lake to swim under the stars." Michel began to tear as she continued to recant the following events. "I thought nothing of it and watched them walk away. I went back to my circle of friends and suggested that maybe we also go down to the lake if any of them knew where it was." Michel went on to explain how her friends looked at her strangely and then explained to her that there was no lake accessible to the campsite by foot. Moments after this exchange and realizing what was going on, several screams were heard throughout the campsite.

Running down to see what had happened, Michel and her friends found a circle of ravers peering over a cliff lit only by a few cell phones to discover the two ravers she had seen earlier. "They must have really been seeing shit to have thought it was lake" said another on-looking raver. Many suspect that due to a lack of light and the DMT, the two ravers, who are in critical condition must have interpreted the starry sky view and pitch-black forest as a beach horizon. The fact that they had arrived at night with likely little knowledge of the campsite layout may also support this explanation.

In addition to this tragedy, several other screams were echoing around the forest. With little to no available light source, the camp had degenerated into a state of mass panic as ravers were discovering other ravers, dead in several strange mishaps.

Three ravers were found asphyxiated in their own sleeping bags in a tent that seemed to be doubling as a makeshift sweat lodge. Witnesses described opening the tent flap and being greeted with an air blast of steam. As the view inside cleared, the bodies of three ravers were found lying lifelessly in sopping wet sleeping bags. Several ravers quickly tore open the tent only to find that all three were already dead from suffocation.

The remaining two were found an hour later in what was likely the most grisly of the terrible discoveries. They were found in another tent, further away from the others in what could only be described as harrowing; laying upon several analog synthesizers stained with blood were the two other ravers. They were both covered in blood and from what was reported by authorities, the users are assumed to have also been in an extreme psychedelic episode. The report goes on to describe how it would seem the two ravers were experimenting with the drug and music and attempted to cut off each other's ears in what has been concluded to be another death caused by the DMT.

According to one seemingly unaffected raver, the DMT was most certainly to blame in these incidents. He describes DMT as an unforgiving and powerful mind altering substance that can create highly suggestive experiences. "One of them was probably like; I wish I could hear what you hear man. And then they probably thought they could just trade ears, just like that. I've almost been places like that too man. You don't know up from down on shit like that."

Families of the victims want more to be done about such powerful drugs but some have argued that typically, deaths from DMT hallucinations are very low and that this was likely an incorrectly dosed batch or perhaps even tainted with additional chemicals. One party goer suggests that irresponsibility is to blame. "I think they just didn't bother to think about having someone sober around to make sure they weren't completely out of their gourd", says longtime party goer Kevin. "On top of that, if these events had some fucking lights and medical staff on hand should something happen, people would be able to trip out safely and shit like this wouldn't have to happen. We are in the woods after all and a lot of people like to get high and never think about safety and preparation."

Though no apparent dealer connected to the DMT consumed has been found, police will investigate further on the currently minor numbers of DMT in circulation.
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