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Friday November 22nd, 2013

When you see DJ Colin X at a party, he has a secret you would never guess when you first meet him. He is blind at night. What makes Colin X special is something that may compel you to call him Batman. That is, like bats, Colin X seems to have acquired the ability to use echo location techniques to determine where people are in the room, particularly at loud rave parties.

"It works best with fast, hard-style psytrance," says Colin X. "Basically, after so many parties, I began to understand the reverb and tones that were created from the beats bouncing off of the floor, walls, ceiling and even the people next to me. If I moved a step on every beat, I could pinpoint where my path was on the dance floor using my echolocation. The fast music means I can take more steps in less time but it requires major focus."

Colin X goes on to explain how he used to depend on his friends to help him navigate through the years of nightlight escapades they have endured together. "My bros were my beacons, they had my back and lead the way to some good times."

Colin X believes that his skill continues to improve every day as he is able to retain in his brain more and more detailed interpretations of his surrounding darkness. "It's like I have a certain resolution but as I improve, I become capable of interpreting more detail. Like being able to know if you are holding a beer or not, using my echolocation skills."

How does he think he acquired this skill? We asked him and the answer will amuse you. "Well basically I have a spoonful of cashews every day when I wake up and I believe the cashews gave me this power."

Though he has no immediate plans to pursue a life of crime fighting as the next Batman, we are excited to see him on the stage, dropping more phat beats.
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