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Monday November 18th, 2013

It has been revealed that the webmaster of a once popular rave messaging forum has demoed his newest extension of his now infamous online rave community and forum. The project, simply called Reve, is an immersive 3D universe designed specifically for the Oculus Rift SDK and allows its users to take themselves away to the wild world of late night raves in a highly detailed 3D simulation.

Users enter the experience as custom avatars in one of several texture rich party spaces filled with impressive simulations of all the sights and sounds of a real rave. Using an engine and interface similar to top of the line 3D shooters, coupled with the Oculus rift and a gyroscopic treadmill, Reve users are able to fully experience the glow and power of the rave from the comfort of their own home and under the safety of their online anonymity.

After months of clandestine development, the project culminated in a secret beta test period that was so controversial it was nearly shut down by the police upon its discovery. The controversy was started after several local teens disappeared for several days. Many regulars in the local scene had not been making their regular appearances at all the local events and it had begun to impact the local drug economy.

After an entire week, both parents of the teens and dope peddlers alike had become increasingly concerned as to the location of the missing raver teens. An online history search conducted by the police determined that all the missing teens had last visited a suspicious website. After verifying the location of the host server, police went to the address to discover several of the missing teens in a large loft space, hooked up to a matrix like concoction of Oculus rift devices, gyroscopic treadmills and workstation computers running the simulated world.

The Reve creator, who wishes to remain anonymous explained to the police the secret project and offered to let the constable try it himself. "Technically, there was nothing wrong with the game. I think that the parents are just happy they found their children and maybe next time they will let them know where they are," said constable La Croix about the missing teens. As for what he thought of the game himself; "I think if the game is very real maybe we will see less people at the parties with the drugs and alcohol."

A few days later it was reported that some of the teens had to be hospitalized due to severe dehydration as it was discovered that the teens were so immersed in their digital rave space that they had forgotten to drink enough water and urinate after having consumed illegal drugs. "How are we supposed to know our kids are safe when soon they will be able to rave in their own room alone," says one parent. Other parents have suggested that it may be beneficial as perhaps more and more teens will stay home in the evenings, choosing the safety of the Reve over the dangers of real world raves.

Regarding the controversy of the drugs, the rave webmaster had this to say; "I have nothing to do with what people choose to put in their body when they come to my real-world parties so why should it be any different when they come to my cyber space? I`m not ashamed of this project, people make their own choices and that philosophy is retained within Reve. I know the risk of people abusing this simulated world and the possibility of aging ravers finding themselves addicted to the Reve as well as the drugs. The benefit of Reve is you get the full experience without any of the pain trying to get home."

The webmaster has not let this PR blunder damage ongoing development and Reve is still scheduled for a public beta once the devices are available for consumer purchase. To top it all off, celebrities in the rave scene have had mainly positive things to say about the simulation and with the help of some silent investors whom have shown interest despite the recent controversy, Reve will likely make a large sum of money through the various micro transactions that will eventually be rolled out in the simulated world. With plans to sign deals with both famous and up and coming DJs around the world for time slots in the digital space, Reve is beginning to look more and more like reality.
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