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Friday January 25th, 2013

A Montreal area teacher has been fired for allegedly recruiting students to volunteer their time in his nightclub promotion business. Most of the students were not paid and were forced to work long hours.

Former students describe Nikko Leondakis as being a cool, yet aggressive teacher. Others have described him as a hawkish womanizer who always got his way. Known for his white 'faux hawk' hairdo and avant-garde musical sensibilities, Leondakis worked for several years teaching media production and communication and was well-respected by his colleagues at Cherryhill High School.

Rosie, a former student, described his antics in detail. "Nikko always went for prettiest girls and offered them jobs after school. It would start out pretty innocent, distributing flyers and stuff. But before long he would have the girls working at the clubs all weekend. They never got paid and would be lucky if he fed them a bagel."

Leondakis' production company, Huge Bass Productions, throws a monthly event known as 'Brown sound' which is highly regarded in the electronic music's 'Dubstep' community. Some of the DJs who played were also former students. "We were playing in front of 400-500 people, and getting paid nothing, not even a hot dog." Tony, a former student DJ explained. "I couldn't even get cab fair off him. He said I could use the DJ experience in my portfolio, but I was doing hard work and made nothing." "Nobody got paid. Not the DJs. Not the underage girls working at the bars. Not the videographer. Not the photographers. Nobody, except Nikko."

Leondakis continued this behaviour for several months before his actions caught up with him. One Friday morning, after a long night of promotion, he showed up late for his morning class and was showing signs of intoxication. "The story is he 'parachuted' (a slang term for encasing a powdered drug in plastic wrap) a dose of ecstasy and it didn't hit him until the next day" Rosie explained. "He showed up to class laughing hysterically and forced us to watch My Little Pony the entire period."

Leondakis was soon dismissed from his position. When asked how he got away with his abusive labour practices Rosie said: "He was cool so he always got his way." Leondakis refused to comment.
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