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Wednesday January 23rd, 2013

Tylor Camden, a 36 year old software engineer, was arrested last Friday after a brutal assault on Jonathan Jerome, a 19 year old McGill student. The violent attack took place outside a party in Mile End. Jonathan's girlfriend, Erin Cote, was with him at the time of the beating.

"Jonathan and I were hungry, so we left the party to buy some fast-food at a nearby diner. We got our meal to-go, and we were eating our hamburgers outside the entrance when this group of vegans started yelling at us," says Erin. "We tried to ignore them, but they just wouldn't leave us alone. Jonathan told them to back off, which is when the leader of the gang, this fat guy whose face was covered in tattoos, started to push John."

Thins went downhill after that. "John pushed him back, which is when the tattoo'd guys friends jumped him. They pinned him to the ground and then their leader started to stomp on him."

Police say that Tylor Camden, with the help of his accomplices who are still at large, placed Jonathan's head on the sidewalk before stomping down on him, crushing parts of his jaw.

"We heard a lot of screaming outside," says Bryan Lauriers, the promoter of the party where the attack happened. "Several of us went out to investigate, which is when most of the vegans ran away. The guy with tattoos though, just kept attacking Jonathan. We tackled the angry vegan to the ground and held on to him until the police arrived. He kept screaming that meat was murder over and over again."

"Vegans have become much more militant," says terrorism expert Andrea Dawkins. "They've formed violent criminal gangs in several North American cities over the last five years. We expect assaults like this to become more common as militant animal rights activists become more organized. Vegans are the new gangsters."

Jonathan remains in critical condition.
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