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Tuesday January 15th, 2013

Montreal's nightlife took a turn for the naughty this past weekend with the first edition of the Hookers & Beats rave extravaganza. This prostitution pounding dance party was the brain child of 34 year old promoter Jacques Lavigne, a long time veteran of this city's rave scene. "I've been throwing parties for over a decade, and each year, it becomes harder and harder to turn a profit," said Jacques. "These days, promoters are lucky if they break even. You can't make money off parties anymore, but you'll always be able to make money off of sex."

Jacques Lavigne spent months negotiating with several of the cities largest escort agencies in order to make Hookers & Beats happen. "It took forever to come up with terms that we could all agree on," said Tracy Dufresne, owner of The Pink Clam, "but we were all determined to make it work. It's a great idea whose time has come. A lot of male ravers attend parties just to pick up women, but thanks to Jacques pioneering work, easy and available women are now included in the price of the ticket. I think his parties are going to change the way people party."

Not everyone is a fan of Jacque Lavigne's prostitute powered parties. "I go to parties for the music, not the hand jobs," said Alex Bates. "There's something tacky about throwing a party where half the women are hookers. I think it's going to make a lot of people uncomfortable." Many call girls, however, disagree. "The only people who are uncomfortable are the prudes," says Noella Berger, a sex positive raver. "This is 2013, it's been decades since the sexual revolution. People are more comfortable with sex for hire than they've ever been. Hookers & Beats was off the hook."

Many call girls are excited about being able to work in the open. "I've been working at raves for the last five years, but never publicly. I'd always be in the shadows, hiding. I'm tired of having to hide what I do," said Jennifer Grenier, a 24 year old prostitute. "I love my job, I enjoy it, and it pays very well. I'm glad that Jacques took the lead in making this event happen."

Call girls working at Hookers & Beats earned a percentage of the profits from ticket sales and have racked up the big bucks in tips. "Everyone gets a free blow job," said Jacques. "But you pay extra for the rest."
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