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Thursday January 10th, 2013

The day Miriam Rondeau heard rustling sounds in the attic of her house in Lachine, she thought a family of raccoons must have found their way inside. When she climbed up the ladder that led to her attic in order to investigate, she was shocked at what she found. "My drug dealing ex-boyfriend was standing in front of me, half naked, eating a bag of Cheetos, which he probably had stolen from my pantry. He had turned the attic into some sort of filthy bedroom. I have no idea how long he'd been living there. We hadn't seen each other in six years. I was so freaked out when I found him, I nearly fainted."

Adam Desrosiers and Miriam had dated briefly in 2006. Their relationship was cut short when Adam was arrested on drug trafficking charges. "Adam was a small time meth dealer. At some point after he got out of jail, he decided to move into my attic. I don't know how long he was up there for." Adam fled on foot shortly after being discovered. "He pushed me out of the way and ran off. He's a coward. A crazy, meth addled coward."

Miriam's attic had been turned into a veritable pigsty by her former surprise tenant. "I found jugs full of his pee stuffed in every corner of the attic. There were stacks of Tupperware containers stuffed with feces next to his sleeping bag. Worst of all? He had drilled holes in the ceiling of my bedroom. He was watching me sleep. I feel so violated."

The Montreal police are still searching for Adam. "I hope they find him soon. Dating a meth dealer was the worst choice I ever made."
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