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Monday January 7th, 2013

The citizens of Mile End are reeling over the news that one of their most beloved street performers, the mime Gen Tanaka, was in critical condition after a senseless attack Sunday afternoon on St-Urbain. Gille LaVierge, a 23 year old self-styled Goth raver, bit Gen's neck in what witnesses describe as a horrifying, random assault. "Gen was just doing his job, entertaining pedestrians, when this tweaked out goth jumped on him and bit his neck. There was blood all over the streets. It was awful," said resident Martin Martineau, who was the first person to alert the police of the attack.

Lt. Duchene of the Montreal police said that their investigation was ongoing, and that they are still piecing together the events that preceded the attack. "After Mr. LaVierge attacked the street mime, he ran down the street while yelling that he was a vampire and making threatening biting motions to the people he passed," said Lt. Duchene of the Montreal police. "Our officers were on the scene within minutes, and it took several of them to subdue Mr. LaVierge. One of our officers was wearing a crucifix on him, and when he showed it to LaVierge, he froze in panic, which made it possible for us to catch him."

LaVierge told the police that he was a vampire who needed to feed on human blood in order to survive. LaVierge's friends weren't surprised when they heard this. "I've known Gille for a few years," said Tony Clements, a frequent poster and massage parlour operator, "he's always been a giant vampire nut. He worships Anne Rice, he sleeps in a home made coffin, and when he drinks milk, he always adds red food and pretends its blood. He's pretty weird."

Area goths are worried the attack will perpetuate negative stereotypes. "Every time some lunatic goes on a rampage, the media always starts a witch hunt against goths," says Jenna Wilde, a clerk at a store that specializes in corsets and black lipstick. "Most goths are peaceable, kindhearted, and loving. We might wear black clothing, but that doesn't mean our hearts are black."
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