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Friday April 5th, 2013

Every Tuesday, university students Katya Kuthrapali and Sophia Cavis attend ladies night at the popular Little Burgundy club Le Cul Percé. "Last week might be the last time we go there," says Katya. "I love that the drinks are free, that the men are plentiful, and that the music is awesome. But I don't feel safe there anymore. Not after those pimps tried to recruit us."

The two students were sitting at a table drinking their beers when they were approached by a couple of young women. "They started chatting us up, and they seemed nice enough," says Sophia. "They asked us if they could sit at our table, and we said sure. One of them even offered us some free cocaine."

Katya and Sophia didn't know it at the time, but the two students were being targeted by a sophisticated prostitution ring that recruits its members at clubs. "Later that night," says Katya. "The girls who sat at our table introduced us to their 'boyfriends', a couple of guys in their late forties wearing fuzzy fedoras and lots of gold chains."

That's when their night took a turn for the strange. "After those two men showed up, the girls started prodding us with very strange questions," says Katya. "They asked us about our sex lives, our interest in men, our jobs, how much money we made, how much money we'd like to make."

That wasn't all, says Sophia. "They didn't just throw questions at us. They also threw a lot of white powder our way. A lot of it." High on cocaine, the two students were much more open with their personal lives than they would have been normally. "I realized something weird was going on when I noticed that they never took any of the coke themselves. Not only that, but every time we did a line, they'd ask us the most intrusive questions."

The two women became more suspicious as the night grew on. "We started getting uncomfortable, and decided we wanted to leave," says Sophia. "As we were leaving, one of the boyfriends took out a giant wad of cash and asked us if we'd like to make two hundred dollars for an hours work. Our jaws dropped."

The two women declined the offer. "I'm worth at least five hundred," says Katya. "Seriously, though. The last thing a girl should have to put up with when going out to clubs is being buttered up by pimps. After we left, we posted about our experience on Facebook. Apparently we aren't the only ones who've been approached by pimps at that club. It's very common."

The owners of the Cul Percé declined to comment on this story.
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