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Wednesday April 3rd, 2013

City police are warning Montrealers not to accept visine from strangers after a devastating incident on Sunday resulted in the blinding of four teenagers. "These 17 year olds were smoking marijuana near Angel park when a man dressed in black offered them a bottle of visine," says Sgt. Leonard. "Unfortunately, the bottle was spiced with a slow acting toxin that causes permanent blindness."

After the teenagers finished smoking up, they used the visine, and within an hour none of them could see. "I was driving down park avenue when these kids stumbled into the middle of the street, yelling at the top of their lungs that they were blind" says Jackie Lestat, who called 911 after the teenagers forced her to stop her car. "I waited with them until the paramedics arrived. I don't understand people. Who goes around poisoning teenagers? What kind of sick world do we live in? I'm losing my faith in humanity. I just don't get how anyone could do something like this."

The teenagers will survive the attack, but aren't expected to fully regain their sight.

"They were lucky," says Dr. Lapeine. "In many cases of visine poisoning, the victims end up dying. Most cases involve slipping visine into a persons drink. This is a rarer case where someone used a needle to insert a compound, we still aren't sure which one, inside the bottle. This compound caused the rapid degeneration of the photoreceptor cells. We were able to stop some of the damage, but the teens will never have 20/20 vision again. At least they're alive though."

The police described their attacker was 6'2, wearing a black baseball cap, a black jacket, black leather pants, black doc martins, and a black shirt with a skull on it. "He looked like the Punisher, if the punisher was a goth kid," says Ian Dusseault, one of the teenagers who was attacked, and the only one who agreed to talk with Rave News. "I hope the police find him. What he did to us is unforgivable. We thought he was being nice to us, but he wasn't. I'll never accept a free gift from a stranger again."
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