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Monday September 10th, 2012

A blood feud between two DJs culminated in a shoot-out at a Montreal club on Friday. DJ Patterson, a 42 year old veteran of the Rave community who has been spinning records long before many of today's ravers were even born, was the target of the assault. Patterson told Rave News that it all started over an internet argument.

"I was trolling this no-named Jungle DJ named Bro-9, giving him a hard time. His music sucks, and he's a pretty awful human being. He's a blowhard who takes shit too seriously. I told him Skrillex would kick his ass in a bar fight, and he got all huffy about it. He started following me around the internet, trying to insult me, thinking I give a damn. It was hilarious. I'm sure he spent hours and hours obsessing over the stupid things I wrote, trying to figure out how to get even with me, but when he realized nothing he said bothered me, he went full crazy. He started harassing me in real life," said Patterson. "Most of which I brushed off. Until the gun incident. I'm not sure what it is about Junglists, but man, they're an angry bunch."

Thomas Coteau witnessed the shoot-out and recalls chaos on the dance floor. "We were just dancing to some old school electro when this guy in a bright yellow t-shirt walks up towards the DJ booth, pulls out a gun, and starts shooting. People started screaming and running. It was like a scene out of a horror movie. Or Star Wars, because that guy was like a storm trooper. He kept shooting, but he couldn't aim for shit. It's a good thing too, otherwise people might have died."

It wasn't long before Bro-9 and his cap gun were tackled to the ground by Jerome Abasi, a security guard who worked at the club. "The attacker kept shouting something about jungle never dying and how the rave will go on. I think he might have been high on bath salts," said Jerome. "No one even plays jungle anymore. Maybe that's why junglists are so angry. I've never met one who doesn't have serious rage issues."
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