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Tuesday September 4th, 2012

A female photographer has fled the city after a dozen parents threatened to kick her ass when they discovered that she'd been prepping their daughters into becoming sex workers. Andrew Tabaque, a disapproving boyfriend of one of the girls targeted by the photographer, was responsible for tipping off the parents.

"This photographer has been preying on teenage girls for years. She gets them interested in doing a few tasteful modelling photos, spinning stories of how glamorous the fashion industry is and how wonderful it is to be a model. She softens the girls up over weeks and months with honeyed promises of future fame. Within weeks of the girls turning 18, she has them do a lingerie or burlesque photo shoot, then she has them move on to some artsy nude photos, and before you know it, she's managed to convince them to be photographed sucking some 50 year old fat guy's cock. She's brilliant at brainwashing her models. Once she has them wrapped around her finger, she farms them out to porn companies, strip clubs, and escort agencies," said Andrew. "She's been doing this for so long, it's incredible no one ever called her out on it until now."

When the parents found out about what the photographer had been doing to their daughters, they decided to take the law into their own hands. "We couldn't press charges against her" said one upset father. "Technically, she never broke the law. She was very careful in how she conducted her business. She'd befriend young girls at raves offering to do free non-commercial photo shoots for them and help them build up their portfolio. Once she'd earn their trust, she'd spend months singing her siren song of porn and prostitution, but she'd never clinch the deal until after they had their 18th birthday. Since we couldn't press charges, we decided to kick her ass."

Unfortunately for the parents, by the time they arrived at her apartment to lay down some vigilante justice, our femme photographer had flown the coop. No one has seen her ever since her dirty work was revealed to the world.

"I heard she ran off to Edmonton." said Andrew. "She's got friends over there who own a porn company. She's probably trolling parties right now, looking for more ravers to corrupt. She'll never change."
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