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Thursday August 30th, 2012

Within seconds of puking all over herself, Jennifer Lambert hugged her boyfriend Keith Escovitz at a Lasalle party on Friday night.

"I knew Jen couldn't handle her liquor, but I didn't know she was the type of girl who would hug a person while covered in her own bile." reports Karl Nassier, a witness to the night's events.

"Her boyfriend was furious with her. He was wearing a new Ed Hardy shirt, and he was really angry that she ruined it. She started bawling her eyes out, and that just made him angrier. He kept yelling that she had wrecked his style and how he'd have to throw his shirt away, because now it would always remind him of vomit. After a few minutes, he told her to get out of his face."

When her boyfriend told her to leave, Jen scoured the party looking for someone who could offer her some semblance of comfort.

"She didn't realize that no one wanted to be around her so long as she was covered in vomit. She'd go up to random people, folks she'd never met before, and she'd complain about what an asshole her boyfriend was, completely indifferent to the fact that she was covered in puke. It was everywhere -- on her skirt, splattered across her sweater, dripping down her neck, dribbling down her chin. She even had some in her hair. "

After getting the cold shoulder from several party goers, Jennifer decided to hit the dance floor, however on her way there she tripped, fell on her face, and passed out. Her boyfriend wound up taking her back home, and broke up with her the next day. It was the worst hangover she ever had.

"Jen's mortified about what she did. She's been in hiding ever since it happened."

Pictures of her covered in puke surfaced on facebook shortly after the humiliating events of Friday night. Jennifer has since closed all of her social profiles.
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