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Wednesday August 22nd, 2012

Underground party promoters are grappling with a gang of groady graffiti artists who have been terrorizing their outdoor events this summer. The trouble all started when the promoters threw a party under a bridge that they didn't know was frequented by the tagging and bombing crowd. When the spraypaint mafia made their usual rounds to get their art on, they were dismayed to find their cherished bridge swarming with pacifier sucking ravers.

Witnesses say that a group of five noticably intoxicated graffiti artists swaggered into the party, started yelling at random dancers before one of their crew zeroed in on a dancing female party goer. One raver, Jeremy Paval, gave us a detailed account of what he saw.

"This girl was just dancing to some happy hardcore when one of the guys walked over to her, pushed her on to the ground, and kicked her right in the face. She was bleeding everywhere. After that, a half dozen of us start running towards the guy who attacked her, and his friends join in, and suddenly it's this huge brawl. I didn't take part in the fight, but I followed the action. We managed to chase them out of the party, which is when it got weird.

There's a field not too far from the bridge, which is where the five graffiti guys went. Not all at once though -- four of the thugs were a good fifty feet ahead of the one who kicked that girl in the head. When that guy finally met up with his four friends, they immediately jumped him, and yanked down his pants. It looked like they were about to rape him up the ass. When his knickers were around his ankles, one of his four attackers yelled out 'What are we doing?! That's my brother, man!'. The guy that was about to be buggered pulled up his underwear, got his pants back on, and the five of them started running again. It was weird."

That was the first party the graffiti artists crashed, but they've been harassing the promoters ever since. One of them, who refuses to be named, told us it wasn't a big deal.

"Yeah, they showed up at a few of our parties, trying to stir trouble, but nothing as bad as what happened the first time. We've beefed up our security for all our outdoor parties. Everyone's making a big deal out of nothing. "

Some ravers remain unconvinced. "They say were safe, but are we really? Who knows when those graffiti guys are going to attack again. Next time, it might be me they kick in the face, it might be you. Until they're in jail, we'll never be able to party in peace."
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