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Thursday July 14th, 2011

A recent string of fights has resulted in the questioning of rave accessories. The first incident occurred a month ago when a little known character referred to only as Bob was dancing among a crowd with strange gadgets hung on to the ends of lengths of rope. After hitting several ravers in the head and back, he was confronted by 2 males. After refusing to stop using his hypno-dance-accessories, the 2 males proceeded to punch him in the stomach and face. One witness recalls the moment that caused the violence: He kept saying that his toys were just fire poi, with funky things he added himself. He said "it's just plastic figurines, that I stuck on the ends". They also smelt really bad. He told two people that if they didn't like how ravers dance that they were in the wrong party. That's when one of the two guys smacked him in the face.

Bob was not deterred. He used different dancing tools at parties over the next few weeks, including: glow-sticks on black strings that were elaborated with long strips of black cardboard, a dozen pinwheels taped onto a long wooden bar, and a chain that was doused in broken glow-stick goo upgraded with kerosene. Each time the use of his strange contraptions resulted in a fight, minor injuries or intense arguments. Though these confrontations would be a clear message for most individuals, this over-indulging acid freak and ex-meth-head promises to create the ultimate raver thingamajig and show the world how trippy cool it looks. If you see Bob nearby, please duck.
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