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Wednesday August 24th, 2011
Previous: I-RAVER

Last year a group of Ravers calling themselves the PLUR Boys took the power back, fighting against those who cause violence against their scene. Much like most vigilante heroes though, their self-proclaimed justice has earned them a rival.

The PLUR Boys reign as the anti-gang gang, dolling out retribution to outsiders who pick on or beat up on ravers. Their 'PLUR or Die' style vengeance has kept violence against ravers at bay, however one group of people has decided that they have over-stepped their bounds - that they cannot be judge, jury and executioner all on their own. R Boys are in town.

The R Boys are a clique of 6; comic-book addicted, disciplined in the Martial Arts and organized around observing the PLUR Boys. Their revolt stems from an incident involving the PLUR crew and some people who were new to the scene. One of these 'n00b' individuals caught a speed-freak going through his back-pack, presumably to steal. He then proceeded to push and insult the perpetrator, when the PLUR Boys came around and dragged the victim out into an alley. Hours later, a 23 year old found the 17 year old victim bloodied and weeping. The 17 year old, Jack, later stated that the man looked down on him and simply said "This is not justice" and brought him to a cab, with his half emptied back-pack. Jack also said that the man hoped that he was not turned-off by the rave scene. Jack hasn't been to a party since.

That anonymous 23 year old formed the R Boys. They issued a Manifesto, in which it states "Without Respect, what's the good of all the rest? We are here to insure that those who claim to provide security for the rave scene do so in a respectful and righteous manner. There needs to be over-sight, otherwise these people will become the terror they fight against". The difference between the PLUR Boys and the R Boys is that no one has any idea who all the R Boys really are. While the PLUR kids watch the scene, the R boys watch them. Again from the Manifesto: "No one has ever policed the police. We do that now".

Most people want to do the right thing and most of them claim to know what's right. When a supposed hero buries all his enemies, what comes next? The R Boys seem to think that the self-serving PLUR Boys have reached a point where they have erased so many of the problems faced by ravers in today's ultra-violent society that it caused them to look inward to the scene. Perhaps this is due to boredom or the fear of losing the power they've amassed. Once proud defenders, they've recently developed an ominously oppressive presence in the scene.

So far, only one major incident involving both parties has been documented. Downtown Montreal, a gang of young hooligans walks by a rave. They stare bug-eyed at the ravers out having a smoke or getting fresh air, decked-out in fat pants, bright shirts, half-tops, colorful gear and piercings. The preppy hooligans begin to snicker and laugh, poking fun at the way the ravers dress, then start asking where they can get some speed. Out come the PLUR Boys and start shoving and making 'your mom' jokes. The moment one of the hooligans shouts out "Hey fuck you, we're just fuckin' around" a glowstick meets face and a brawl is on the brink. Suddenly, 6 people arrive on the scene, presumably masked for the party's theme, they line-up around the entire group. One man speaks "Hey you guys stop harassing ravers please. Now, get the fuck out of here, we got this". The 6 masked avengers pounced and quickly neutralized, with little violence, the 5 PLUR Boys present. Someone whispers '5.0' and everyone scatters. The promoter of the event in question was overheard saying "This has gotten way out of hand" abd refused to let any members of the two gangs back into the party.

Violence against ravers dropped 10% from 2008 to 2010, down another 35% in the last year. Raver-on-raver violence however, is only down 5%. Seems promising but the R Boys urge: defend yourselves, eliminate the need for 'Big Brothers'. The rave scene is known for it's non-violence, without even having to preach it, they just live it. Even the most vulgar and angry Techno does not incite fights or rage. Nonetheless, it is hard to escape the violence inherent in the system. And that has now gotten us an anti anti-gang gang.

Respect, or GTFO.
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