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Thursday August 11th, 2011
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Kyla, age 17, sexually active, and trying to help the men in her life become positive. She's also wanted for attempted murder.

This teen menace to her society, was tested positive for HIV. Only a few of her close friends and family members are aware of this, but were, up until a week ago, unaware of her dark tendencies. Kyla is wanted by the police for having unprotected sex with at least a dozen males in her home-town. Knowing you have AIDS and purposefully transmitting this fatal disease is criminal and comes loaded with a charge of attempted murder, which can be brought up to murder once the victim dies. On top of which, under the Criminal Code of Canada, failure to disclose your status if you are HIV positive can lead to aggravated sexual assault charges. Her twisted behavior, however, goes far beyond irresponsibility.

"If she was ignorant of her situation, we would still charge her with negligent homocide, but this intentional infecting of others is absolutely unjustifiable" says a prosecutorial lawyer helping build the case. The trouble with Kyla is that she plays a game, chooses her victims, manipulates them, sleeps with them and leaves without a word. The prosecution concludes "It's all very premeditated".

Kyla's process is nearly psychotic, though the police stand back from that accusation for fear of her getting off with a slap on the wrist and a short stint in a mental hospital. At 16 she was theoretically infected by a tourist during a late night party, what she would later flaunt to her friends as being her first rave, after having spent the early morning fornicating in the nearby woods. Diagnosed 6 months later, she became oddly happy instead of exhibiting the usual depression that follows such terrible news. An unaware classmate overheard her saying several times "I'm just trying to stay positive". With hindsight, the classmate does not find that to be a very cute statement anymore.

The result of her trauma was 4 months of seemingly insane, sociopathic behavior. She stalked the local rave scene, hitting on men that were strangers to her, targeting the ones that were obviously on drugs, luring them into back alleys, forests, VIP rooms and their own cars. She would tell them that she was clean. She would have sex with them, fix her clothing, grin and leave silently. One of her victims anonymously told the media "I can't believe it. I mean, she isn't even attractive! She's ugly! I was just so goddam high and she was so convincing. For 20 minutes of awkward banging on a dirty sofa, I'm now a dead man".

Her murderous rampage is apparently at a stand-still. She's been identified, her motive uncovered and a warrant is out for her arrest. The prosecution is as yet unsure if they can try her as an adult, as they await her capture and subsequent psychological evaluation. She has not been arrested yet, since she has disappeared from her home-town.

Kyla's 12th, known, victim is Tom, a 23 year old male who works at a ticket counter at the local train-station. She seduced him into giving her a train ticket out of the city. Through a haze of tears Tom told members of the media at a press conference 3 weeks ago "I was having a bad day. She came up with a brilliant smile and told me she was planning a surprise trip to see her friends in Eastern Canada. She told me her father stole her money, that she needed to leave. I sold her a ticket in exchange for... sexual favors. She she told me I wouldn't regret it. But I do... I do. For God's sake, find that bitch". He ended the press conference sobbing uncontrollably, unable to finish.

He gave her a luxury trip: stops in Regina, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Tom is now on HIV medication as well as anti-depressants. After all, not only was he fooled he was essentially killed and also aided his own murderer's escape.

There's a girl out there, stalking the murky depths of the rave scene, exacting her revenge - looking for her pound of flesh. In a time when the spread of AIDS is over-looked by mainstream media, when the gay community is still blamed for it's propagation, when a cure is still unforeseeable, when the catholic church still discourages the use of condoms, leave it to a female christian to master-mind the horrible act of purposeful transmission.

The police are working with departments in all the major Canadian cities to find and prosecute Kyla. Next time you see cops in a party, they may not be looking for drugs. They may be looking for a fallen angel, one who demonizes ravers based on a coincidence. It must be noted that the law is also actively searching for the person who infected Kyla to also bring him to trial. "We don't know where it'll end. We can't put everyone who has AIDS in jail, but we can't have people spreading HIV with the intent to kill either" says the chief-of-police in Kyla's home-town.

Knowing is half the battle. The other half is protecting yourself.
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