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Tuesday August 9th, 2011

Traditionally, the longer you stick around a music scene, the cooler you are. Being an old-schooler brings respect and dignity. There is a change coming to this dynamic, as a younger generation has learned impatience through popular media by being shotgunned information and fads at an alarming rate.

On the Internet, the term 'n00b' defines a person who's is new to a scene, inexperienced and amateurish. These n00bs have decided that enough was enough. Being new is now the new cool. The consequence of this mind-set is that people are moving from scene to scene, spending no more that a month at a time soaking in the experience and moving on. They invade a musical genre, adopt the clothing style, manipulate and abuse new relationships, coaxing others into giving them drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and free entry to events. Without care or respect for traditions or the future of any given scene, they party it up without discretion, cause trouble and then disappear without a trace.

The mentality behind this movement is a new standard in being hip. One of these scene-hoppers explains: "Why the Hell would I spend years developing a reputation, when I can spend a month with these jerks, bang their chicks, look cool in some pics and party it up with another gang of freaks a week later?". They end up with a myriad of experiences, but no real sense of belonging. This way of life has also been known to create sociopaths, but also a social pattern that allows for freedom by not having to adhere to a specific set of principles and fashion.

The true believers and people who strive for the benefit, quality and longevity of their scene are outraged. In Raves, they now call these n00bs 'Tourists' and try hard to spot them and interfere with their plans. On the other hand, they don't object to selling a few more tickets to events. After all, business is business and sales are sales. Though they might not gain a regular clientele, they benefit from the short-lived explosion of the popularity of their style. The pros and cons of the situation are as mixed as the opinions on the matter.

These young Tourists are used to being force-fed ephemeral fads and pop-culture and have decided to turn it into what they consider a positive. The obvious problems arise from this seemingly inconsequential behavior: frustrated elitists, sexual misconduct, social manipulation and the self-induced psychological damage caused by the loss of inter-human group solidarity and long-term relationships.

Imagine a heard of cattle, moving from farm to farm, eating all the grass and leaving before the slaughter.
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