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Thursday October 28th, 2010

There's one sound guy who might be having trouble finding work in Montreal after a disastrous weekend party. The young man in question showed up at a party blitzed out of his mind on a variety of toxic substances, and proceeded to utterly and completely destroy thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment. He spilled beer over two CDJs and shorted them out, he knocked over two speakers in a drugged out stupor, seriously damaging one of them, he somehow managed to set the mixer on fire, and to top it all off, he and almost asphyxiated himself when he fell asleep in a pile of cables that, through the magic of drunk fu, became tangled around his neck like a noose. Had some random party kids not found him in that state of disgrace, who know's what would have happened.

His (now former) employer wasn't impressed, and it seems like the sound guy is going to have to pay for all the equipment he wrecked. The lesson here, folks, is that people don't treat things with respect that they don't pay for in some form. People who aren't invested in the equipment aren't going to treat it right. They'll knock it over, spill shit all over it, and basically treat it like a two dollar hooker. Then they wake up with herpes and realize that maybe they should have been a little more cautious and a little less wreckless.

I doubt this sound engineer will be showing up drunk at work anytime soon.
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