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Sunday October 24th, 2010

Every year, countless Quebeckers die of alcohol poisoning. Binge drinkers destroy their body by imbibing more booze than it can handle. They flood their blood with the stuff, causing their alcohol level to spike. Once it reaches a certain threshold, they kick the bucket. Most ravers have tempted the gods in this manner, but few of them have been as unlucky and as reckless as one recent victim of vodka mayhem.

The party goer had smuggled in a 700ml bottle of the finest Russian vodka at a party. He started the night by sharing a few shots with some friends. Once the first round was done, the bottle had a little over 500ml left in it -- or about a pint. This is when a stupid idea popped inside the man's head -- he decided he wanted to chug the rest of the bottle in one shot.

This turned out to be a fatal mistake. Apparently, gulping down a pint of Vodka is a very bad idea. Maybe huskee, bulky types who live in the mountains of Siberia can pull it off, but most people can't. That includes our mad raver, who dropped dead shortly after drinking the last drop of his Vodka, which he downed in under eight seconds. He passed out shortly after the shot, and his friends thought nothing of it, and left him lying down in a dark and dank corner of the party. When they came back for him a couple hours later though, they found him dead, in a puddle of his own blood and vomit. He had choked to death.

Sometimes, moderation has it's virtues.
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