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Saturday October 16th, 2010

Several weeks ago, a promoter threw a small party in a building owned by a rather charming lady. The building in question is in a neighborhood that is undergoing rapid gentrification, and apparently her refusal to sell her property to a group of deep-pocketed developers has created some drama with the city. This drama has occasionally involved the cops, and one of these cops has taken a rather big disliking to our mini real estate mogul. When this officer got wind that she had rented out her building to our friendly neighborhood promoter, he took it upon himself to shut the event down.

The promoter claims that all the paper work was in order, that the sound level was within the legal limit, and that no laws had been broken or violated. This made absolutely no difference to the officer in question, who had his friends in blue clear the building of over two hundred revelers.

The kicker? While the officer was giving the party-goers the boot, a gun fight was taking place down the street. One person even died. A dispatcher asked our grudge holding officer to head over to the murder scene, but our man in blue reportedly refused to because he was taking care of "serious" business. Officer Grudge thought that shutting down a small rave was more important than helping out at a murder scene -- thereby confirming a suspicion many of you undoubtedly have: raving is, in fact, more important than death.
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