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Sunday October 10th, 2010

This ones a little dirty, in more ways then one. One of your favorite rave promoters was recently caught with his pants down and his girlfriend with her legs up by a group of teenagers. The kids caught the couple in flagrant indelicte while taking a shortcut through a dank and grungy alley behind a fast food restaurant.

The horny couple had ducked into the alley while on their way to an after party for a quickie, and ended up putting on a show for a half dozen minors. The kids, incidentally, screamed in disgust at the couple. The promoter laughed it off and yelled a few ribald comments at the children about the virtues of carnality, but his girlfriend was decidedly more demure in her response to being discovered in a compromising position.

To the credit of our reckless duo, the cops were never called, and their adventures in outdoor sex were never punished by the forces of moral decency which rule over our sensible society.

For the record, the danger of getting caught might have added a certain thrill for the girlfriend, but the promoter is so shameless that fucking in a dark alley has absolutely no effect on his libido, for good or ill. He'd just as soon have sex in a garbage dump as he would in an airplane, a sewer, a ritzy hotel room, or in the middle of a school room that was full of students. His libido would stay level in all cases, for he is a sexual force of nature, constant like the speed of light.
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