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Saturday October 9th, 2010

This cracked out raver has a doormat of a girlfriend. The couple, if you can call them that, aren't exactly high class. You won't find them drinking Perrier while discussing Matisse at a vernissage, nor will you bump into them at the ballet. You might find them snorting lines of K in front of La Belle Province, swigging a forty, and arguing about the merits of taking opium by means of a suppository, though.

Classy, they're not. Crazy? In the words of America's next president, you betcha!

These are two very self destructive individuals. The woman, or girl really, has absolutely no self esteem, and chooses to tolerate what most healthy, self respecting women would find intolerable. Her boyfriend isn't just white trash, he's abusive white trash. He tried his hand at dealing drugs, and it didn't go so well. He got in trouble with some nasty people, and he owed them money. They were... insistent that he pay them back. They were quite physical in their insistence.

Instead of manning up and dealing with the dangerous criminals who were breathing down his neck, he sent his girlfriend over to pay them.

Now ladies, if your boyfriend ever sends you on a psychotic errand like trying to pacify a bunch of gangsters, dump him.

Please. Don't encourage the idiot.
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