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Wednesday October 6th, 2010

Ladies, please -- stop fucking guys for drugs. There's a circle of ravewavers who seem to be in the habit of fellating and fornicating in exchange for a variety of mostly illicit substances. MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, and pot are just some of the drugs being traded for pussy. Now, if you think screwing some sceezy guys for pot was bad, word on the grapevine is some of the girls are spreading their legs for beer.

Beer! That's basically a step away from giving a guy a blowjob in return for a big mac or a happy meal. If you absolutely insist on being a whore, can you at least have a little dignity? High class escorts can score thousands of dollars for a single night of debauchery, yet some of you are trading favors for a six pack of pabst.

That's sad. You girls are giving whores a bad name. Have some self respect! You should at least ask for some quality micro-brews or a fifty dollar SAQ gift card. Aim high, ladies; you can do it... you just have to believe in yourselves.
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