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Tuesday October 5th, 2010

Now here's a story that will warm the cockles of your brittle, shriveled hearts! Okay, that's a lie. This story won't warm your heart. It'll make it cold and black and full of sharp, jagged edges. Read on, anyways.

Apparently, cops from a small American border town, not too far from Montreal, have been harassing their local rave promoters. This isn't a big city, he'll it's not even a big village, but it is does have a small, lively rave commnuity who sometimes throw local parties.

The cops, however, have made it a habit of showing up at these parties - and shutting them down unless they get a cut. These parties make next to no money, so the officers in question are effectively being bribed for a couple hundred bucks per event. The fact that the cops are willing to risk their careers for such a pittance is kind of ridiculous, but the promoters don't seem to have the balls to confront the officers, and figure paying them off is better than having to deal with the shitstorm that would result from challenging them.

Your average citizen, and this goes for nearly every damn country on this planet, has nearly no recourse when it comes to dealing with crooked cops. It's even worst when you're stuck in a small town.
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