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Monday October 4th, 2010

This up and coming Ottawa DJ threw his five year marriage out the window when his wife caught him in bed with the underage babysitter who was looking after their three year old child.

The babysitter in question was the (very young) daughter of one of the DJ's childhood friends. Given the age of the babysitter, the DJ in question was lucky that his childhood pal didn't call the cops on his ass. He was not, however, lucky enough to avoid getting his ass whooped by his old friend. Needless to say, their friendship is now over. It's been several weeks since the beating, and his face still hasn't fully healed.

His wife, meanwhile, is filing for divorce, and most of his friends no longer want anything to do with him. Few people within the community are aware of this DJ's ephobilian tryst, but considering the decadence and immorality of the rave scene, there's a good chance few people would actually give a damn.

Roman Polanski had more than a few defenders, and this DJ is no different. When you create culture, many of those who consume your creations will turn the other cheek as you rape, pillage, and plunder your way through the world. They will effectively give you a license to fuck little children.
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