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Saturday October 2nd, 2010

This is the story of a creepy music VJ who works for a popular tv station. The events take place at a party that happened in Montreal, though the people it happened too aren't necessarily Canadians. Neither is the VJ, or the station he works for.

A lanky, awkward lad managed to score a date with a woman who often did decorations for rave events. She invited the boy to come to a party she was working at, a magic themed goa fest. The two spent a good part of the night in a park that was next to the ancient stone building where the party was located. They were flirting at a picnic bench when the boy noticed that the two were being spied on by some guy in the bushes. The moment they got up to investigate, the man in the bushes ran away. Neither he nor his date managed to get a good look at their stalker, and flummoxed as they were, they decided to head to the party, where they found a corner to nestle in.

Eventually, the boy once again noticed someone peering at him from across the room, who ran off the moment he was spotted. He was now starting to get concerned. The two decided to head back outside and look for the man who was following them.

He spotted the stalker across the street from the rave, and his date immediately recognized him. It was a boy from her high school who had been obsessed with her - and who was now working as a VJ for a major channel. The boy laughed, when he realized who it was.

"We're being stalked by a music VJ?"

The lanky lad called out the VJ, who, realizing he had been caught acting like a creepy weirdo, escaped down the street.
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