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Wednesday November 17th, 2010

They came from outer space, and they threw some of the most awesome raves ever. This alien sex cult got into the raving business back in the beginning of the 1990s. No one know's the exact reasoning behind their foray into the bacchanalian nightlife of Montreal, though it probably had something to do with recruiting the young and the willing to their crew of saucer building hotties.

Backed by mysterious financiers from Switzerland, the cult would throw a gigantic party every month in the Old Port. They would fly in an eclectic line-up of top international DJs to bust out premium beats at their swanky and very pricey digs. How expensive was the place they threw their parties at? Very. It cost them $10,000 a month in rent for the location. Add in the cost for the top DJs they had coming to play, and their parties were some of the priciest early bashes to take place in Montreal.

Eventually, some ravers got suspicious about the cult's parties. They became convinced that the sex crazy saucer worshippers were slipping subliminal messages into the music and visuals being played at the party. The beats where hypnotic on purpose; they were meant to convert the party goers to the religion of free love and space travel. Worst of all, the cult allegedly worked with the police to have some of their own party goers arrested on drug charges, while simultaneously protecting their own dealers and suppliers from getting busted.

This caused a backlash against these epic bashes, and soon the cult stopped throwing their massive parties. Many old timers who were at these raves believe that the saucer worshippers pioneered the kind of profiteering that took place a few years later when the biker's got into the Montreal's rave scene. The cult showed how far ravers could be pushed before they turned their back on a promoter.
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