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Tuesday November 16th, 2010

A 15 year old Pointe-Claire raver had to change schools after her classmates found out about one of her secret hobbies. Some people collect stamps, others paint or play the guitar. This girl loved to masturbate with the help of the vegetables in her family's fridge.

On it's own, that wouldn't be too strange. Millions of cucumbers have been sacrificed to the gods of the Nether Regions. Teenagers can rarely afford dildos and vibrators, after all, so they have to improvise. They raid the kitchen pantry, or prowl the grocery story for cheap alternatives. It's pretty normal.

What's bizarre is what the girl did once she was done playing with her food; she'd put it back in the fridge, then watch with glee as her family ate her soiled goods at the dinner table.

Everyone would have remained blissfully ignorant about her naughty ways had she not involved her boyfriend in them. She would sometimes have him pleasure her with a spare carrot, which the two of then put back into the fridge.

Teenage love rarely lasts, and when their relationship crashed in an explosion of anger and recrimination, the now ex-boyfriend let it out at school that she recycled her veggies in some fairly nasty ways. Soon, all the high-school brats had nicknamed the girl Carrot after her favorite vegetable. They teased her, taunted her, yelled at her, and basically made her life a living hell. The harassment was intense, and after a couple of months, she pulled out of her classes and transfered to an alternative school.

Obviously, her parents found out about her play and serve ways, and she's now seeing a psychiatrist who is attempting to address her sexual deviancy.
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