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Monday November 15th, 2010

A raucus male party goer lost a chunk of his manhood recently after receiving a sub-par blowjob by a young woman in braces. He met the woman at a sandy themed party, and after a few hours of dancing and flirting, the two sequestered themselves in a dark corner where they had a steamy and passionate make out session. Unfortunately for the man, the woman had just gotten braces and wasn't that used to them yet.

She was too rough with his package, and her braces scraped against his glans, causing superficial trauma. This wouldn't have been a major problem, except the man didn't get his penis checked out afterwards, despite the fact that he was in quite a bit of pain. He thought it would go away on it's own. It didn't. It got worse.

Much, much worse.

Two days later, the tip of his penis was covered in a bunch of erosions that combined together, like evil Japanese mecha robots, to form an unbearably painful ulcer. He couldn't walk a step without gritting his teeth and trying to hold in screams. When he finally got to the hospital, the ulcer on his penis was covered in necrotic debris -- dead chunks of glans that had to be removed.

Now his little soldier is a mangled mess who won't be seeing action for quite some time. The doctor's say he'll be able to have sex again once his penis is done healing, but he won't feel nearly as much from the experience as he used to, which isn't surprising since a quarter of the tip of his second head is now gone.

Worst of all? His penile problems could have been avoided if he had gotten immediate medical attention.
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