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Sunday November 14th, 2010

This 35 year old party papa has a dirty way of having fun. Until recently, he's suffered from poor digestion for years, and would sometimes go a week without laying one down in the washroom. Several months ago, his doctor put him on a high fiber diet, and to the party man's surprise, not only are his bowel movements shaking things up more frequently, the size of their loads have shot up dramatically. His shit used to be short, thin, and inconsistent, but now it's long, it's wide, and it's solid too.

So large and wide and hard are his fecal fortunes, that he now invests them in some fairly foul business. Inspired by stories he read on the internet about iceberging, this crusty raver placed some of his own shit inside of a freezer, hoping the cold would make his crap strong enough to use as a dildo.

His first few attempts of shoving his own shit back up his ass were less than successful, as his makeshift sex toys kept breaking upon insertion. Undaunted by these early failures, our filthy friend eventually hit on the idea of creating a silicone mold of his own penis by using a make-your-own-dildo kit he purchased at a local sex store, then mixing his shit in with the liquid rubber that goes into the mold. This worked, and so this fellow now has a fecal speckled dildo replica of his own penis that he uses on himself fairly frequently.

Our dirty daddy raver takes a great deal of pleasure of showing his friends his filthy, home-made dildo. If you ever visit his apartment, he'll almost certainly make you look at the damn thing.
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